Saturday, June 1, 2013

My soul is still in Seoul (study abroad)

When I first started college I never believed I would one day be one of those lucky students that gets to board onto an international plane, and dip into the waters of a foreign country's bliss.  
One of the girls I went to South Korea warned me several days before our trip, that everything glitteres and shimmers when you are drunk off of culture shock in another country. This little lady friend of mine, who was also my roommate in Seoul, South Korea, had studied abroad in Germany that previous summer and had so many fun and interesting stories to share.  
Her and I had no idea that South Korea was going to be quite the opposite of what we had been dreaming up of in our heads.
Ever since I've been home from that experience, America has glittered in a way that all my life I've literally been too blind to see. I encourage everyone to visit a foreign country, especially one that doesn't speak their native language.