Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Through the University of Colorado Denver I got selected to plan and lead a volunteer trip to any city in the U.S. Our group still has a lot of fundraising to do, but the trip was lovely and I feel as if all 14 individuals that attended learned a lot about the importance of actively prevailing and advocating for the messages of our ancestors; the messages of freedom and human rights. Slavery still exists in our world today, and it is our responsibility, the privileged and the healthy, to continue to cultivate the seeds, which the great souls of the past have been planting since the beginning of human rights; those that are believed to belong justifiably to every single living person.
Along with the volunteer work we did with the recreational centers, after school programs, and slavery exhibits, our group also got to tour the U.S. Capital and White House. A lot of people were disappointed by the White House. We went through a lot of security and got to see very little of the President's residence. The White House was obviously beautiful, but I loved what one of the students said about it really just looking like some random antique store with pictures of presidents scattered around. However, the Capital left the exact opposite impression on our group. Although we did not get to view the hill from the very top of the capital building, we did have a very informational tour of the premises and it blew the White House self-tour out of the water.

We also as a group got to spend an entire day at Bikes for the World's warehouse in D.C. and sent a truckload of recycled bicycles to Sierra Leone! It was such an amazing organization to volunteer with! Check them out!!