Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Your Lifestyle is Outdated...

It's hard for me to understand why America and Russia have never wanted to be dear friends? Why has such a shady and unscrupulous relationship been encouraged and cultivated for so many decades between the two cultures? Why have our grandparents been so afraid of loving each other, Russia!? 
The tension may exist, some say it's always existed and always will, but I disagree!! It is not hard to see; the tension thrives off of our ancestors and 'leaders' stubborn attitudes, our outdated lifestyles, and our cruel traditions! 
We don't have to be the property of society!! We can stop the hate. We can kill the inhuman perspectives. We can destroy the constant incivility. The racism can be beat... but only if we all come together and try. 
If you're not apart of the elite, you're probably not being heard, and as one of the non-elites, I feel confident in saying the elites are hardly being listened to. No one is given an equal opportunity to be heard, and no one is actively practicing listening... the problem is clear. 
The surplus of disrespect in the air has casted it's dark shadow over equal opportunities for far too long. 
But have hope! The storm is coming to an end. The future leaders of our home countries will not stand for this nonsense. The future representative are rising, graduating, and coming! Everyone who is currently employed... beware! You've now been warned... No one's job title is safe from being taken. If you don't meet the global ethic commands of today and of tomorrow, there is no longer a career here, on Earth, for you...!