Monday, August 25, 2014

Diving The Sky

I went skydiving yesterday, and now everything is different…
The view from an airplane is truly breathtaking with the door open. The fear of flying as a passenger in a plane is almost nonexistent when you can hear the wind howling and your Jump Master telling you, 'GO'. And life is not as scary, I feel as if I can handle much more than I give myself credit for.

The skydiving instructors really made the whole experience a great time. Since the very moment we arrived at the place, all the staff there had the mentality that they were going to give you one chance to pay attention, and regardless of whether or not you know how to safely land, they were not going to hesitate about pushing you out of that plane, 3,500 feet in the air, if you took too long.

My instructors were not messing around about teaching me, and because they were expecting me to show I understood what they taught me, by surviving an airplane jump,  I was really motivated to pay attention, and understand every little detail that was shared with me about successfully skydiving. This was truly a recipe for success, and the journey up into the sky and back down was safe and brilliant. I feel honored to join the Sky High Adventure Club and plan on truly committing to learning more and more about free falling and packing parachutes.

I was scared climbing out of the plane, no doubt or shame about that, but because I knew what to do, because I felt so trained for the event, in the case of the best and worse conditions, my fears could not overcome my mission. My exit out of the plane was a little slow but my shoot opened basically perfectly because of my form, according to my instructor who video taped us. My landing was very far from perfect, so I can't wait to nail it next time. Static line one more time, and then I'll be free faaaaallling!

Our Jump Master said he thinks he made a skydiver out of us, and I think he's right…

Monday, August 11, 2014

Abolish Unnecessary Competition and Recycle Momentum!

Every new great idea suggests a new plan that puts someone out of business. Tomorrow's 'next big thing' puts yesterday's gold in the trash can. This is capitalism at its best I suppose, but isn't there some other way to rewrite the scene?
Can't our new ideas collaborate with the success of older ideas to abolish unnecessary competition and recycle momentum?
Building up our communities should not be a game of winning and loosing, a scale wobbling to and away from equilibrium constantly. Stealing someone's idea, adding a couple of bells, whistles, and lights and making money rather than really making a difference in society, is an old game, one that has been played all across the world for far too long.
Give credit where credit is due and then work to build off of past achievements. Develop and cultivate quality. Focus on the goal, not the cash, and then the money will naturally come.