Monday, August 11, 2014

Abolish Unnecessary Competition and Recycle Momentum!

Every new great idea suggests a new plan that puts someone out of business. Tomorrow's 'next big thing' puts yesterday's gold in the trash can. This is capitalism at its best I suppose, but isn't there some other way to rewrite the scene?
Can't our new ideas collaborate with the success of older ideas to abolish unnecessary competition and recycle momentum?
Building up our communities should not be a game of winning and loosing, a scale wobbling to and away from equilibrium constantly. Stealing someone's idea, adding a couple of bells, whistles, and lights and making money rather than really making a difference in society, is an old game, one that has been played all across the world for far too long.
Give credit where credit is due and then work to build off of past achievements. Develop and cultivate quality. Focus on the goal, not the cash, and then the money will naturally come.