Monday, November 3, 2014

Can You Taste World Peace Yet?

The land is not ours. 
There should be two international laws implemented immediately.  No one can make profit off of (1) food and (2) water. No one. Imagine how dramatically lives could instantly be transformed if people did not have to worry about where their next meal was going to come from. Envision how much such a shift in valuing human rights would impact a mother of four children in any country that comes to mind. Dream up how many new ideas would be innovated over night if both young and old adults did not have to spend their taxed income on limited greasy options big foods wants you to call ‘nutrient’.

If rice and beans, a complete plant protein, and vegetables, fruits, and clean water were readily available the way water fountains are, our world would seriously start to value secondary needs including security and every possible public health service you could think of. People would choose to not involve themselves in violence if they ate a proper meal three times a day. 
Can you taste world peace yet?

Yes, you could make a company that sells food, and then therefore creates a division in communities. Sure, people did it in the past, but we have learned from our ancestors. We now know how important the common good is. People should not be born on Earth and have to constantly die trying to obtain basic resources that are plentiful by the Earth and only because of the Earth when cultivated carefully and organically. We are all entitled to clean water and basic organic nutrients.

The solution may not be here right now with all the details laid out perfectly, but that’s because the people have not demanded such yet.

Stand up for the hungry and parched.