Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Please Know...

Please know I mean no disrespect when I say I despise all guns.
I can't stand or cheer for organized violence, boxing wrestling matches, and football shows. I want nothing to do with materialistic holidays, hobbies, and firework shows.
And I won't laugh at movies that glorify money and/or addictions.
Call me a buzz-kill, outsider, whatever you please, all you want, because I'd rather be never invited in than cheer at the Roman like games you all pay for and support with jerseys and mugs.

Please know I mean no disrespect when I turn down your beer and vodka, or when I voice how badly I wish you'd turn off all speakers that preach of violence and idolizing gangsters of any kind.

Honestly I feel quite a lot of pressure inside my body to voice my mood in situations that bruise my ethics. I can't watch you all watch without explaining the behind the scenes/subliminal messages that are going on in my mind. My being aches when I don't speak up, so when I do just please remember I mean no disrespect.
I can no longer stand the pressure in my blood stream so I won't dance to degrading lyrics any longer, I won't purchase any blood diamonds, wow at dead animal coats, or drink poison.
Stop thinking I'm rude and making me feel bad when I say your cigarette makes me sick, because it does, and the truth is it's killing you too.

Capitalism deserves respect only when the system is used for peace and public health, so please know I mean no disrespect, especially when I call others sheep, and when I dance while you stand still and stare as I beat to my own drum.
I mean no disrespect, I just want nothing to do with watching pornography, settling for suburbia, or tolerating any more inequality.