Monday, December 7, 2015

Organic Farming vs. Conventional

It drives me crazy when people say ‘organic’ does not matter… spraying chemicals on food to kill bugs has consequences… Those bug killing chemicals, pesticides… soak into our food, into the soil, into the water… these chemicals are poison to bugs and humans! 
But the good news is we do not NEED these chemicals to grow food… that’s why it’s important to support companies that grow food organically… without pesticides and harmful fertilizers. 

Please do your part when you can. Money is an issue, but so is the public's health!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Do you get it yet?

Do you get it yet???
You must practice peace at all times so if at any moment all people are doing so, there is world peace occurring. Violence cannot last forever. Violence is not sustainable. It takes way to much energy to cause war. Peace is essentially free. Breath is required, but you don’t have to say a thing! Peace is possible, and people really underestimate it’s value for entertainment. People build machines, to hurt people in movies about characters that we idolize and worship and mimic, which mostly causes our society to enjoy continuing war and hurting others. WAKE UP!
GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! Seriously. This is not just a saying! This is not just ‘that one’ quote! Give Peace a chance is a philosophy, a way of life, a way of being, a totality that requires just as much self-control, power and might as any fighting game man has come up with. 
Do not just sit there and laugh at violence. It is not entertainment. Tackling and causing others to go unconscious is a public health cry for help. There is nothing funny or glamorous about people who spend valuable resources on destroying peace and drawing out lifestyles that others with copy. Violence perpetuates more violence. Stop the madness.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Playing Life

To have a job that produces some kind of product or service in exchange for money or trade within a social discourse is kind of a game… the game being extremely messy and dangerous. Even on a farm, even on an all vegan farm, one free of GMO seeds, harmful pesticides and fertilizers, even on a farm that practices fair trade legitimately, there is murder of mass ecosystems occurring.
Almost all jobs can be tied back to taxes for some country. All the currencies from all over the world = blood money. We are all parts of a mad machine, and no job or any amount of money will set you free from the association of evil. Paying into the system of polices that lay out the rules of capitalism, aka people keeping a job, is indirectly funding the same politics that are and have been responsible for generating war on Earth and preventing research here too.  
So is there any way out? Is there any ethical work? Who is free of this vicious catch-22? 

In my opinion the monks, priests, rabbis, nuns, etc. and the homeless that are truly self-sustained. The ones that have actually chosen to isolate themselves from the normal routines and lifestyles of society; some more extreme than others, most living with very little, all cut off from association of currency, transportation, etc. and for the most part, but not definitely not always, hyper religious beings.

My friend mentioned he thinks people that chose such extreme lifestyles are choosing not to 'play life'. They’re coping out. 
Although harsh, he’s right, right!? 
Well, I don’t think so anymore. These people aren’t playing the traditional games, but they are still playing life…
These people aren't paying taxes, they aren’t helping build transportation that is dependent on big oil, or weapons of mass defense against terrorists… but they are building schools and villages that are self sustainable and environmentally friendly…. 
In fact their games seem to be more fun. More advantageous. 
We must create more new jobs like this! It is the responsibility of today to strive to know righteousness. Seek all of our days to become more pure and to create a better system of work. The diesel trucks, the stay at home moms, and the office jobs are all interconnected. Every part needs a complete transformation, and even when all the blood is scrubbed off all the money, the history of how the new system came to be must be taught and always taught based on facts and truth. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

No Shame in Any Work

This one time, in college, I attended a job fair. This amazing business man stood up in front of everyone on stage at the event, grabbed the mic and said, ‘There is no such thing as a dream job. Every job you ever get will require some type of work that is not pleasurable. That’s why it’s work. If you believe in a dream job you should just leave here now.’
His honesty has made all the difference. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Alcohol… What It Really Is

It’s really not entertainment… that excuse is the disguise alcoholism creeps in and hides under. Alcohol is really not healthy… that’s an excuse too. It’s not fun when you have to have it to be fun… and it definitely should never be treated as any form of medicine, because alcohol is the opposite of a cure… it’s a poison.

Big foods wants you to get drunk and forget about the importance of voting for the production of organic vs. genetically modified organisms (gmo). Big vodka wants you to drink the night away and forget to do something about the suppression you are under via big government. Big banks want you to spend all your credit limit at the beer fest, and the football game, hoping you will be too drunk next month to make your credit bill on time. And big alcohol hopes you don’t notice they have been hooking you like a fish, feeding your addiction (that they created), wasting all your sweet time, stealing you away from your family and friends, deforming your mind, throat, liver, and thoughts, all while lobbying and paying off your senators so they can increase the number of bars and liquor stores, and diminish the public health programs in your communities. Please wake up and stop drinking. You deserve better.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Please Speak Up

Do not be afraid of the power of one! Without a doubt three minds is greater than two, but in order for the group to form, one must realize one’s potential first. 
It is better to question hollywood and all that is mainstream than to buy into it and lose your sense of self and ideas of what really matters in this world… public health! 
Please do not sit silently and watch all the mad men and women cheer for violence and drunkenness. Please speak up! Please give peace a chance! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Show Your Class...

There's something about the word 'bitch' and 'the N word'... it's something that makes me cringe, makes me want to stand up, walk out, and never be seen again by the power hungry individuals that use such language. I'm not sure who it was that thought it'd be lovely to disrespect humans, or who convinced everyone it's cute to suppress females, but I'd like to perhaps be the most recent person to tell say, please stop!
I'd like to challenge my generation in particular, to expand their vocabulary, turn off the television, stop mindlessly supporting gangsters, get involved by helping, and show the world some class.
Stop listening to others who tell you it's okay to be rude and degrade others, because it's actually not; they taught you wrong.
Please try to at least notice the messy lies of our politicians, the trick mirrors of Hollywood, and stand up for yourself and your community's health and well being!
Save your soul all while cleaning up your backyard and mouth.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All Talk

Be weary of others who claim to know happiness.
 Be careful of people who are motivated by money.
Be slow to follow those who don't care to listen to stories.
Beware of pessimists that regard other's perspectives as of little importance.
Be strong when with souls that care hardly to study symbolism.
Be patiant when forced to spend time with humans who talk more than they create.
Be true to agape.