Saturday, February 7, 2015

Show Your Class...

There's something about the word 'bitch' and 'the N word'... it's something that makes me cringe, makes me want to stand up, walk out, and never be seen again by the power hungry individuals that use such language. I'm not sure who it was that thought it'd be lovely to disrespect humans, or who convinced everyone it's cute to suppress females, but I'd like to perhaps be the most recent person to tell say, please stop!
I'd like to challenge my generation in particular, to expand their vocabulary, turn off the television, stop mindlessly supporting gangsters, get involved by helping, and show the world some class.
Stop listening to others who tell you it's okay to be rude and degrade others, because it's actually not; they taught you wrong.
Please try to at least notice the messy lies of our politicians, the trick mirrors of Hollywood, and stand up for yourself and your community's health and well being!
Save your soul all while cleaning up your backyard and mouth.