Sunday, September 27, 2015

Alcohol… What It Really Is

It’s really not entertainment… that excuse is the disguise alcoholism creeps in and hides under. Alcohol is really not healthy… that’s an excuse too. It’s not fun when you have to have it to be fun… and it definitely should never be treated as any form of medicine, because alcohol is the opposite of a cure… it’s a poison.

Big foods wants you to get drunk and forget about the importance of voting for the production of organic vs. genetically modified organisms (gmo). Big vodka wants you to drink the night away and forget to do something about the suppression you are under via big government. Big banks want you to spend all your credit limit at the beer fest, and the football game, hoping you will be too drunk next month to make your credit bill on time. And big alcohol hopes you don’t notice they have been hooking you like a fish, feeding your addiction (that they created), wasting all your sweet time, stealing you away from your family and friends, deforming your mind, throat, liver, and thoughts, all while lobbying and paying off your senators so they can increase the number of bars and liquor stores, and diminish the public health programs in your communities. Please wake up and stop drinking. You deserve better.